Point Decster

by Point Decster

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impressively addictive and noisy Favorite track: Linklater (Richard).
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Primer Ep de la agrupación "Point Decster" originarios de Lindavista, Ciudad de México.

First Ep from "Point Decster" originally from Lindavista, Mexico´s City.


released January 11, 2017

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Woyzeck Home Studio, durante los meses de Agosto - Diciembre 2016.

Arte por Gustavo Bolio

Agradecimientos especiales a Joel Mujica y Ariel Torres.




Point Decster Ciudad De México, Mexico

John - guitarra y voz

Coque - batería

Ancla - guitarra

Diego - bajo

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Track Name: Linklater (Richard)
If I were you, I would leave my house.
You and me in the middle of the town.
I will steal your daddy´s vintage car.
You will say "I don´t give a shit, just take me out of here".
Two mouths and swollen tongues.

Sew me up, sew me one more time.
Sew me up, sew me one last time.
Sew me up, sew me one last night.

Your moaning shaking cars, on a rear view screen.
Suck your lips and reach your tongue. She begins to swirl.
Breathe heavy, soaking wet. Attached to my seat.
Grabbing walls against your skin, now is time to leave.
Track Name: BlackOut
I fell in love today.
It felt like sleeping in Japan.
You ripped my heart off from your chest
Replaced it with a grenade blast. (Sonic Youth?)

Blackout is the middleway. Something to understand.
Track Name: Deviant
This week, for you was to creep.
Just keep your eyes, on those orange lips.
You know that chick is for you.
You´re the "better guy" in the neighborhood.
Spying on her window, what you really want.
Spying from your window, what you really are.

Deviant you know how to treat her better, to treat her better.
Deviant you know how. So threath her better, so threath her better.
Deviant you know how to treat her better, to treat her better.
Deviant you know how. That´s the way love goes for you.
Track Name: Pillow Talk
There´s something about these changing days.
I can´t stand never feel the same.
It´s a hoax I will never get.
You´re a ghost, an uninvited guest.
Yes, no, I don´t want you here.
You´re just there, even in my dreams.

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